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One of the benefits of going the self-publishing route is the ability to retain full control over your own book.

To self-publish or not dilemma

As a professional, it is important to understand how you can manage these

How to write more books in less time

This is an important skill for authors and we want to help you achieve it

Book after-care and building a community

Our users love our book and we love them too!


The Book Game

Make a full-time income (self)
publishing your books

The day's of being a poor author will soon be behind you

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Eliminate the hassle of finding agencies to publish your work. You can take control of this process in an easy way. 

Not Dilemma

Write every day

Use an outline to
write faster

Avoid editing
as you go

Research later

your typing speed

Sit up properly to
write faster

Do writing


Get accountability


Keep your book close to you. Learn ways on how to take care of it with our community.

Take care of a favorite book by treating it carefully and storing it responsibly. With this community, you will discover new tips on how to take care of your books.  You will also meet other book lovers and share your thoughts. The community will keep you updated on the recent books and authors. You can explore and read books about different cultures and styles, something that is new to you, or books that you might be interested in. 

Join us and experience the fun of taking care of your books and building a community that shares the same interest as you do. You will definitely benefit in so many ways.

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I really enjoy reading and with Author's Den, I enjoyed it even more. I love how the community shares their tips and interests, this helps me discover new books to read. I love it!

Walter Albano

Many thought that self-publishing takes a lengthy time, but with Author's Den, it is easy. I was able to make an income and showcase my creativity. Definitely worth exploring!

Jean Haley

Launching your book

Showcase you creativity, launch your book

A book launch is a critical piece of your overall book marketing strategy that is why we provide tips and help for you to successfully launch your book and avoid hassles. This will help you make revenue and avoid losses. Enjoy self-publishing like no other. 

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Frequently asked questions

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How to join the community?

Joining our community is very easy, just enroll and fill up the necessary forms. You will receive an email once you are already subscribed. 

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How to launch a book?

Launching a book, you need to follow a process. We provide video tutorials that you can watch to know more about this. 

How to write a book in less time?

We provide lessons on how you can do this. We also have exercises that you can download to be proficient in this skill.